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Oct 9, 2011

A Controversial Subject

Has anyone been able to answer why there is such a large gap between affluent and poverty level people in society? Many people think that all the rich people are being greedy and that there simply is not enough to go around. The rich people think the poor people are lazy, and so on. What if neither of these things are true. The way you live your life has a lot to do with how you are raised.

On Friday we participated in a demonstration in class. We had five individuals link hands at the front of the classroom and represent a family. Our instructor took turns pulling on each individual as stressors that are typical to family life were explained. Each time one person was pulled, the family readjusted itself, and surprisingly, every family member was affected by the shift in stress, but all was held together by each person's compensation. We then removed one of the people from the family circle, and if our teacher had demonstrated stress again on one of the individuals the whole family would have been displaced and may have fallen over.

We were all fascinated to note what a difference not having one person in the ring made on the stability of the family. We then discussed that families more on the poverty end of the scale had a much higher percentage of single moms and dads in comparison with all the other class levels. In seeing what we did in the circle demonstration we discussed what effect not having a parent in the home might have, and what sort of up-heaving effect that might have on the children. The instability would be very disconcerting for the children, and for the mother or father. Mom would have to be gone all day providing for the family and would not have the time to spend with her kids making sure they did their homework, teaching them, and keeping them out of trouble. The idea of today's world is also, that you should just try out marriage, or relationship to see if it works. That leaves terrible instability in the child's life, and would lead to huge gaps for a lot of single parenthood in the child's growing up years. If a child is not taught and has stresses that he/ or she tries to cope with, they may turn to drugs, "other" early relationships, or may drop out of school, rebel, and have an unplanned family themselves before they have received education and can support children of their own. In addition they only way they know how to have a family is the way that their parents taught them, "constant change and instability". This can often lead to a cycle of welfare, missed education, and an unstable family life where it is difficult for children to succeed. However, this does not include how all lower income single parent families work out, but there is a large amount that struggle with this downward spiral and don't know it. Perhaps this may be the reason the class gap is widening. to a degree.

We also discussed how we could stop this sprial from happening. I know that there are family counselors that can make families aware of what they need to change in order to cope with and change the course of their families. Education about healthy family life can help these families I believe. 

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