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Oct 22, 2011

"Happily Ever After"

We have to love falling in love :). Prince Charming swoops his wife into his castle after the grand marriage day and they live "Happily Ever After". The question I have is, in all the fairy tales...they forgot to include the longest and most rewarding part of these lovers life. Why do we forget the part about the rest of the years they were married? The only show that follows the after marriage stage is "Shrek". It is not always easy and it takes hard work to maintain a long term relationship, but it is worth it. Over the next 60 or so years of my life that are left I am going to find out just how rewarding it is with my Nathan. What is the secret to love in a long term relatioship with one another? No one knows what truly is the secret, but Greek Philosophers and modern scientist  and our Heavenly Father give us a good glimpse into making "Happily Ever After."

4 ancient Greek words for types of Love:             

Eros -romantic Love        

Storge -parent to child love (the ability to love even if the person is ugly, angry, undesirable)    

Philia -brotherly love (Friendship)    

Agape -the capacity to charitably love anyone, despite their shortcomings.

At the beginning of relationships there is often a lot of Eros, and we have to be carefull that we do not only marry for these feelings, but take time as you are dating to cultivate friendship, charity, and the parent child love, because as you move on through life all of these loves should all equal out.

Remember that when we marry we should each be giving 100% to the relationship, and realize that if you keep score, that is the road to resentment and even more seairous issues like divorce. My husband always says that the 4 cancers to marriage are:

Comparing, Complaining, Contention, Critisizing.

You fight cancer with CHEMO. :)

Charity, Humility, Engaged(anxiously engaged), Motive(Fear or Duty or Love), Oneness

I promise that if you work hard in your relationships, follow the example of Christ and become aware of the difference in what the world thinks a relationship should be, and what REALY makes a marriage successful you will live and love "Happily Ever After"


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