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Nov 9, 2011

The Facts of Life

The fact of life for most youth right now is that: They are confused about the "facts of life". On a national scale, most teens are receiving messages from media and friends about the incorrect way of going about sexual intimacy and relationships. Studies have been done to show that teens who wait to have sex after they are married and out of High School are much happier, conversly, those who have sex before they are married and graduated have many more social, and phsycological problems such as poverty, low selfesteme and a host of other problems. They also do not marry in a stable manner.
                 Teen pregnancy is up and restraint and understanding about procreative power is down.

Even those who chose to cohabitate before marriage to "try it out", have less successful relationships by far.

The fact is, the media and other sources are teaching our children early about sex. It might not be sending the messages we want, and so we need to combat this. Just like if good men say nothing, the small majority of those who are mislead and speak out will bring our downfall.

Children are currently being exposed to sex at the ages of about 7-8 years old. Parents who do not want their children to be confused need to start combating these confusions early, even if it is a little uncomfortable. Back in colonial times children matured sexually around ages 16-18. Now children are able to procreate as early as 9 years old. The physiological change is due to media exposure and healthier diet, among other things.

My husband and I have analyzed intimately the negative sexual experiences of those we have know in our youth and what contributed to many of their problems. Every experience we have encountered would have been avoidable if the children had been properly taught about what to, and what not to do at an early enough age. Also, if they had understood the beautiful roles and how important healthy sex was to marriages after certain requirements had been met. My husband and I agree that our children will be taught early, exactly what it appropriate and what is not. As early as age 9 if necessary, depending on the environment we live.

Foster an open communication. If your child is having trouble, love them through it. I don't know all the answers in this area, but I know that being angry and treating them without love will drive them further into trouble.

Teach your children early, so that the school system, the media or the knocks of hard life don't have to.

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