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Nov 19, 2011

Mutual Problem Solving


Everyone can benefit from this topic!

Oh, how much easier and more fulfilling, problem solving and decision making would be if we approached it (again) the way that the Lord instructs us to do it. I could explain how it happens, but I would not do it justice. We must hear and read the council from the Apostles who have experience using it.

This concept of decision making is not new, and is not just represented in the LDS church. Our founding fathers developed the plan for this wonderful country in the same manner. Councils are God's divine plan for decision making, both in the home, for church matters, and in business.

In Russle M. Ballard's talk, he mentions that the most IMPORTANT council is the one of mother and father, or husband and wife. We have to model this method in our marriages and in our homes. I know many families that have a weekly council for Family Home Evening, or at other times of the week or month.

*A word on the roles of men and women in the marital relationship of counseling together. As a wife, I was unsure about how much assertion I should have in the relationship, since the role of the husband is to preside, provide, and protect. He is the patriarch of our home. I have pondered on this for a very long time. When I read these articles and realized that our marital relationship is a counsel, I realized that is it just fine to disagree with my husband, give my own opinions, and that it is essential as a wife to say what you think on the important matters, so the Lord can properly reveal his will. By sharing what you think, and caring about your own opinion you are completing the Lord's model of council and helping the most important form of council function properly. You both come to a conclusion on a decision that the Lord deems most correct, and he will bare that witness to both of you in your hearts when the right decision comes. It will not come right away. I hope this helps many women who might be a little confused on the exactness of their role. It opened my eyes.

Please enjoy these talks and ponder on the beautiful truths that the Lord gives us for our benefit and for the building of the kingdom, and strengthening of families!

Strength in Counsel- Elder Russle M. Ballard; Quorum of the 12 Apostles

Elder Henry Eyring and Elder Cleon Skousen - Inspired Unity

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