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Apr 19, 2012

The Hidden Purpose

So, over the last little while. My husband and I have been focusing on having a family of our own. That means being morning sick has really put a damper on things, as we were finishing up school. I now have a bachelors of science in Family Recreation, and am going to continue my education through BYU-Idaho slowly to obtain a certificate in family counseling, while my husband gets his masters and provides for our little home. We are having a boy. : )

However, I have come to an important conclusion. My career that I am supposed to seek all of my life is the study of family and family counseling. Time and time again, what I find are the largest problems in people's lives stem from how they were raised, misconceptions that numberless people have about how to raise family and most people don't realize how INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT and influential raising a family is.

The ideas that Satan has put into the world about what is important are screaming so loud in most of our ears, that even if we are looking for where to find purpose, it is so difficult to find.

Satan is trying to distract us from the fact that we are all part of the family of God, are his children, and he wants us to be miserable and miss the beauties we are supposed to learn about ourselves and about those around us. There is a fantastic and beautiful plan for our happiness if we know where to look, and the laboratory is concentratedly contained in how we love an raise our families. Children are so delicate, sensitive and mailable, and are gifts from God to teach us to be parents. They were His, before they are ours for a short time. If we all raised stable families where our children and our spouse came first, I don't think we understand how many of life's biggest problems we could reduce. Through the classes I have taken it is so evident, even without this statement from Elder Ballard in the most recent LDS general conference:

"The real question, of course, is about cause and effect. Do some sectors of our society have stronger values and families because they are more educated and prosperous, or are they more educated and prosperous because they have values and strong families? In this worldwide Church we know that it is the latter. When people make family and religious commitments to gospel principles, they begin to do better spiritually and often temporally as well." -Elder Ballard, That the Lost May Be Found

My goal from the beginning has been to dedicate my life to helping people in the very most meaningful way possible, and I think in all my searching I have found it. While it is Satan's plan to force people to follow him, I can only hope that through this Blog people who are searching for the truth and a purpose may chose and be drawn by the light in the messages I will share in this blog. Genuine good truth is so hard to find in this mixed up world, and I hope that I can provide spiritual and scholarly knowledge to those who are searching to be good parents, and know that anything worth while is worth doing well, especially when it has such a lasting impact on their happiness and their children's happiness.

Because we have the Word of God, and prophets that are called to warn us of the blows of Satan, and such revolutionary scholarly information backed by legitimate studies that give us further insight into the success of the family, EVERY person has a need to study and glean, because we are all part of one family or another. We are all part of this world, which is made up of families. Satan knows that and that is where he is striking first, so we must fight back, and it all begins in the home.

I will be reviewing the most important findings of my last recent classes over the next few months. I feel compelled that I should not put this candle under a bushel, and would be ungrateful not to share it.

Please read and search out your hearts as to how to apply these treasures of knowledge.

*Mrs. Romney chose to use her time on this earth in the very best way, by being a mother in the home. : )