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Apr 8, 2013

Marriage and Unions: Laws are Needed for Creation

Yes. It has been a while since I have posted anything. Having a baby throws you for a loop!!!

I am re-posting part of a blurb I have posted before, but I feel it is important in order to explain another concept in a different light.

I have been thinking about why so many families end up separating, or how the breakdown of the family is occurring in society lately. Now that I am responsible for raising a precious child, the effect that broken families have on innocent, tender children breaks my heart and gives me renewed purpose for sharing.

I agree with the Mormon Church in that the definition of the family is comprised of a man, a woman, and if they chose, children. There is a lot of discussion on same sex marriage, their rights and so on. I want them to live and have comforts and financial abilities as well as anybody, but we also cannot redefine marriage into what it is not. According to basic principals on family structure, society will break down as the family degrades. I wish we could just make a separate clause for all who want to live together who are same sex couples and call it a different category, because that is what it is. It isn't marriage, it is another kind of lifestyle. Then perhaps, the financial repressions can be relieved under the definition of a different lifestyle recognized by law. That is my opinion anyway. I bode no ill will to all those who desire a prosperous life, I just recognize the long term consequences on our society for redefining marriage into what it is not. Marriage, intimacy and raising children have laws, just like a beautiful piece of music. When those laws and flexibilities are not followed, both become undesirable. The trick is knowing the laws to keep and also where to be creative.

I LOVE that much of what I have learned is also proven by research about families. Under the laws of creation that I have perceived, the union of same sex couples has some short term perks for the couple, but does not strengthen communities in the long term. It halts creation of children, which overtime, halts continuation of the human race. It reminded me of a paper I wrote for my last English class that I recently reviewed. Truths were shown to me that are just SO COOL! It makes my hair stand on end to think about how the laws of the universe work, and how God directs them.

The Quest for Intimacy
          What gives us our drive, our quest and our tenacity to go forward? What influences our decisions? What is it that makes man tick? In all the sociological text and drive for man’s choices I have encountered, there is an answer. It is so simple, and yet complex, but helps us understand why we do the things that we do.  Man’s great quest is for intimacy.
            In the text of Enlightening our Understanding, the necessity of asking questions and having interest in a subject is what helps you gain understanding. Facts that are just thrown at us are not absorbed, and no new ideas can be put together. Similarly, if we want to gain an understanding of people or things, we must ask questions about the nature and relationships that these things have. Questions create the right mind frame for understanding.
            The Creative Mind speaks about how to bring two subject together and how to create. He tells of the nature of creation, and the process of subjects coming together. Both artists and scientists are individuals who create, and creativity is not limited to the artist. I wish to take this further, in including that all beings have a genuine need to create with the world, and experience intimacy. It is the quest of man to be involved in healthy, whole creativity.
            The human race has a need to become one. In Improving Communication by Becoming One, Ward speaks of the necessity for ideas to be communicated between one another. This may seems simple, but if we disagree with a person’s point of view do we genuinely listen and evaluate their opinion? The way to make headway for creating ideas for improvement is to evaluate each person’s point of view and use all opinions in council for the good of the project or goal. Man’s essential goal should be becoming one with each other. However not united under Satan, but united under true things, which are the things of God.
            This is a difficult concept to explain, yet in all of people’s behavior, the examples are manifest. These texts cannot clearly or directly guide the entire discovery for this subject, but they have been the foundation to spur my mind into making these connections. Intimacy is connected in a direct cycle with interest and love. Scientist who are on the cutting edge of technology and artist who develop great works and ideas, all have a profound love for what they are accomplishing. Because of their love they ask questions and dive into their field with questions like, how are these two equations related, or how can I arrange these notes to convey this feeling. They are combining things that aren’t obviously related, but once put together, create something better and new. The discovery is loved, and that in turn leads to new questions, and a genuine interest in the subject further.
            Is this quest of intimacy limited to the devoted scientist or artist? No. To relate it more to the common man, every person is attracted in some way to another human being. We see it every day, boy meets girl, two different entities. They date and fall in love, are intimate, and eventually create…children. In completing the intimacy cycle of creation, most couples who chose not to have children according to a sociological study, feel they have lost their sense of purpose as they age and feel that they have lost the greatest contribution that they could make to society. When man and wife are not intimate on all three levels of physical, emotional and committal levels they cannot achieve a consummate love relationship and often the rearing of the children does not occur in the correct manor.  The child’s understanding and ability to be properly intimate and bring and rear life, is then stifled or distorted and falters.
            The breaking of this cycle of intimacy is the cause of what most of society deems as bad behavior. The “bad behavior” is by no means a healthy replacement for true intimacy, but it temporarily fills the large void left by the lack of connection. If the intimacy needs of an individual are not met, then they look elsewhere for something to meet their needs. For example, Henry, age 17, feels that there is lack stability in his life. He may not understand this consciously, but subconsciously he is searching for something stable, loving and constant in his life. His father left his mother when he was 7 and his mother is always gone working to support the family, she feels frustrated and stressed most of the time concerning money matters and so communication between the two of them is often angry or negative. Hence, he avoids his mother. Henry hates his situation and wants to leave the house. Henry‘s emotional, physical, and committal relationship with his mother is breaking down. As a result, Henry finds a group of friends who love him, accept him, understand how he feels, and have a strong commitment to one another. Henry has found and joined a gang, filling the void that has been created between him and his mother.
            If I were to include all of the examples of using “bad behavior” as a substitute for a lack of intimacy, I would have to fill a book. Some common substitutes may be: pornography, extramarital relationships, gaming, rape, same sex attraction, and even distantly but still related are societal crimes, even hard ones. However, we can differentiate between good and bad coping for a lack of intimacy if we relate it to the amount of truth that is involved in the action in the quest for intimacy. The “Truth” of the intimacy can be found in looking at the product of the intimacy. If you create sorrow, hurt, or emptiness for yourself and those around you over an extended period of time, you have engaged in a poor substitute for intimacy, rather than true intimacy.  In all intimacy there must be an element of control, or commitment associated. For example nuclear energy is creating by combining and splitting atoms within a certain environment. When it was first being discovered, the labs that were used did not understand how to contain or control it, because of its relatively new nature and was very harmful to people and the environment. However, now research has given us a way to contain it and harness it’s energy for many beneficial things, hence, it is now a beneficial creation.
            On an even further note, man has this quest to be intimate with everything around him. Not just on the physical level. We have the desire to touch, to understand, to see, to smell, to have truth, to discover and ultimately, to have an intimate relationship with one another. Man truly will be fulfilled when he can learn to properly be intimate with the world around him, and can learn to create beneficial thoughts and things for those around them. With this grand and glorious idea, we have to remember that the creation must also have rules, just like the ones that make the universe tick. Ultimately, if man has a desire for knowing the truth, then most people are searching to know and be one with God himself, without knowing it. We cannot just know about Him, but we must understand who He is, so that we might know and understand the truth of all things.
Bronowsky, The Creative Mind
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Deep... I know :). Just think about it.

Mathew 7:20 "Wherefore by their fruits(creations) ye shall know them."