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Mar 2, 2015

Preface to Happiness in Families

It’s a question older than the earth itself and has troubled mankind for as long as we can remember. It is a broad and deep thought. It touches every person in every country. Every person alive and also gone before us has an investment in this topic. Some of us are in the midst of happy relationships, while others families are broken. Most of us are somewhere in-between. All of us have questions.

I am going to publish a series of blog posts answering the great questions compassing happiness in families, because it is not as simple as one post. Truly this whole blog is dedicated to this subject, but in order to address it properly I need to start at the beginning. What I post is not something I just came up with. I only know about it through the grace of God, and it is by his mercy alone.

WAIT! Don’t leave yet. I know what some of you are thinking! Christian religion jargon… bleh. Blind faith, they don’t know anything…

If Leonardo Da Vinci took a look at our IPhones, he would probably declare it magic, impossible, or possessed. God is just super advanced compared to us… Give the questions and explanations a try even if they don’t make sense at first and even if they sound Churchy. Don’t let other people’s versions of truth deny you the full experience of experimenting with the other side of the issue.

I have dedicated and will be continuing enormous amounts of study and trial to what I have learned, and I find that science and religion largely agree on the matter of families. The greatest scientific discoveries of all time took the development of the mind of mankind over thousands of years, and only now in the last 200 years has science exploded into action. The knowledge for happiness in families has also been opened in the last 2 centuries. You can see many advances in this realm of study.

Much of it may sound familiar to you, or ring true to your inner self. Yes, I know those kinds of things cannot be seen to the naked eye, but they also cannot be disproved either.  If there are multiple dimensions to the universe that are beyond our comprehension what would they be composed of? Who would be there? We are not here just to live and die. We are eternal, and have only just begun to tap human kind’s potential. The expansive history of the human race is about family, and where we are headed.

Here are some of the questions/topics I will be addressing:

The First Family

The Beginning of Families on Earth

What does Jesus Christ have to do with families?

Where are families headed?

Why do families seem to have so many problems?

I may be adding a few questions as holes arise.