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Jul 10, 2015

Will you follow Jesus with me?

A few days ago, Hubby and I were sitting on the couch with my almost 3 year old. Both of us had finally had a little sleep after hubby's recent surgery, and we were taking a little bleary eyed account of how to bring balance back to the house. The first thing that needed TLC was our kids. Aaron and I were snuggling, his head on my chest. He had been acting out for a few days so I decided to do a little focus on the good in my boy to see if it would bring out better behavior...
The conversation went like this:

"It makes me so happy when I see you choose to share with your brother, and when you help me around the house. I can see that you feel happy too when you follow Jesus."

He brought is head around and gave me a hug, with his eyes warm and sparkling. He then looked up at me intently and said,

"Mommy, will you follow Jesus with me?" 

I paused in amazement at his profound question... I squeaked out a yes. No sooner had he said this, he turned to my husband and repeated the question.

"Daddy, will you follow Jesus with me?"

He and I exchanged knowing looks at this solemn, and oh so important call to parenthood. He gave it to both of us. We agreed heartily.

As if that weren't enough, he followed that statement with this sermon:

"Oh, I'm so glad. Then we will follow the cross, and come home."

He finished the statement with his eyebrows up, and his usual jazz hands he waggles when he gets excited. What love passed between the three of us at that moment. Hubby and I were astounded that such pure knowledge had come from this little normal, silly boy. Little children really are alive in Christ.

I thought deeply on what he had said for a couple of days. I realized that he had melted down the essence of a happy home into these simple sentences. It wasn't until I had begun a sincere study of the Savior and began applying "what he would do" in the everyday moments with my children, that things had really begun to change in our home. Even in my awkward, and imperfect way I've been trying harder to place my feet in the footsteps he left for me. He left them for all of us. We are beginning to have less fighting, more helping, kinder words, better learning experiences, and even a greater love between me and my spouse. The cascading effect of that in our children's future is priceless.

In all my study of the family, what has been the very most effective for a home that prepares them for life? I mean leagues beyond anything I've ever read out there... And I have read a lot.
Following Jesus. 



Will you follow Jesus with me? 

Will you help give these beautiful children the greatest gift that we could give? Will you join with me in quietly, honorably taking their tiny hands and walking with them toward the Savior.

There is a home, beyond what we can see here. It is more glorious than any of us can imagine. We miss it sometimes, and that can be why we feel empty, or lost. We cannot always see it, because part of this essential life experience is to be separated from the presence of our Father so we can learn. He is the all knowing, loving, Father of our Spirits. Our God. When our brother  Jesus suffered and died for our sins, he paid the price for us to come back. As we turn to him to become clean from our sins, and begin to live like Him, we prepare ourselves to come home. Will you follow Jesus with me?  Will you follow Jesus with me and help bring God's children home? 

My little boy has asked me, and now I am asking you. Jesus is the way, the truth and the LIFE. He is the path to true happiness. Lets follow with all our might, mind and strength. Together, lets all come HOME.

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