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Jul 25, 2015

Why Marriage, Why Family?

Just a few weeks ago Same sex marriage was legalized across the nation. I know this made alot of people happy... and I am also pleased that there have been so many kindnesses afforded to these people, which have previously been negated.

However, many religious organizations continue to disagree with the decision to accept same sex marriage as an acceptable form of marriage for society. Why? Why do we continue to support marriage between a man and a woman as the only true definition of marriage? Many think we are pigheaded, or bigots for standing by our beliefs... I can see why many might feel quite sensitive to opposition after many years of unkindness from others. It is so easy to view a difference of opinion as harmful. It seems impossible to most people to see that existing peacefully with opposing opinions can exist without contention. Why do we continue to stand? Why marriage? Why family?

The need for traditional families is more basic and important to the fabric of society than most of us realize. Marriage between a man and a woman in a natural sense is the only real union that will perpetuate children in a healthy environment to pass on the best skills to take on supporting the next generation.

In our American culture, and all over the world in more developed countries, growth and wealth have exploded in the last 200 years. Information, convenience, and comfort has never been known in such quantity and availability in the history of the world.

With all the good things that this change brings, there is a human function that has suffered. I believe it is the basic human connection.

Just a week or two ago I visited the great Island of Hawaii. What a cultural hub! Just like the steaming jungle and blooming flowers, the island breathed with multicultural life. There were tourists from all over the world and and people from almost every Polynesian culture. At the Polinesian Cultural Center a way of life was preserved. Youth from every island in the Pacific come together to tell the story of their Island. There is a feeling of Ohana that all convey(which means family). This family connection feeling that is shared between these cultures has its roots entwined in the basic natural living of the people. They believe everything they need comes from mother earth, and she takes care of them. EVERYTHING is made from plants, or gathered from the ocean. Its not just in the immediate family, that I am speaking of, but there is a village family atmosphere. To illustrate, you can call any random male over the age of 30 uncle, and Auntie is a very esteemmed status in this culture. You can FEEL it too. I visited many different organizations there and when people talk to you they step closer and speak, physical touch happens much more often, and you can see the openness in their eyes. I found it refreshing, and quite different.

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