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Nov 14, 2015

4 Family Trends that Experts Say are Harming Our Future

1. The Trend to Have Less, or no Children
In 2050 fertility rate trends indicate that our nation’s population will actually be declining, as the replacement rate falls below 2.3 children per couple in developed countries. Experts predict the results of this change will precipitate a decline in economic growth, and an increase in the time and money it will take to care for the huge Geriatric population. That translates to medical expenses being 8% GDP in the year 2000 to almost 20% in 2017. Fewer workers mean increased tax strain too. Take away human capital and you decrease what drives this economy.  Experts also list a host of other projected effects, including a generally more selfish populous. What does history tell you about selfish people in a country? Some of you may have thought money, or information makes this world tick... Really, its people. Those of you who thought to save money by not having kids, may find in the future that you missed the most important stock bond... children.

2. Mothers in the Professional World
A strong country is not built on the backs of women in the workplace. Strong countries are created in loving homes, where the world is built around their wellbeing. Take women out of the home, and we will see this country eventually snap because of the generational influence of weakening development in the adults that run this country. By far, the most rewarding thing women can do for society is the quiet, oh so beautiful work of a mother. Period. Children grow to adults who run the future. If many experts are worried about increasing obesity, mental disorders, and other social concerns among kids, perhaps we should consider looking at the most important influence on children… mom. Whether it is daycare, Screen time, or Grandma, our kids are spending more time with..., nothing will replace the nurture of children’s brains like the love of a mother. Ladies, I have felt the pressures to work outside the home and self-actualize. This is not self-actualization, it is taking second fiddle. While some women need to work outside the home to put bread on the table, do all in your power to stay home. Be some little someone’s hero, stay home, and you might just save a nation. 

3. Fathers Role Distorted-
An equally important role that completes this mother, child life force is Fatherhood. This noble role, as old and reverenced as time itself has taught and fostered success of societies through protecting and providing, and presiding for the seedlings of the human race. Even as there is hot discussion about the inconsistent extremes of fatherhood, and the relation to the mother… Fatherhood is not Homer Simpson, or a dictatorship. Father and mother roles differ somewhat. Well balanced they weave in and around one another in beauty, creating synergism and harmony in the home. Equal, but different. There are families who are successfully resisting these degrading patterns, but alarming amounts of men and women are being sucked slowly into these beliefs.

4. Family Complexity-
This is a trend most of us try to avoid, but find ourselves part of often times. Family complexity is defined as deviations from the traditional family. The more remarriages, divorces, multiple partners, and juggling children occur, the more complex the family.  The studies show consistently that as complexity increases within the family child performance decreases in almost all areas of life. As complexity increases in our country, this insinuates a degradation of the human capital quality in general. The newest complexity form is Same Sex Marriage. Great strides are being made in kindness toward these people, but not all their requests should be granted. We cannot refute the pattern of life. It is the duty of responsible citizens everywhere to safeguard basic human well-being, which starts in the home. Some argue that no negative effects will come out of these changes, but I suspect, like the GMO… the effects will not be visible until further down the road. When the seedbed of the idea of what marriage is becomes inconsistent in the future generation’s minds, it will harm society.

An easy metaphor to tie these concerns together…

Professionals and religious entities fight so hard to preserve these facets of home and family because our society is like an organism, with the basic cell structure being the family. If… one by one… these cells become corrupted, and more and more fall into the distortion and corruption of selfishness, the degradation of society as a whole and associated calamities will happen. We have been so comfortable in our prosperous American Nation for so long. Lets stand on our feet, and keep the fighting uniting spirit. If it is not stopped, it will grow like a systemic disease weakening us and destroying our future. In the famous words of Pope John Paul the II “As the family goes, so goes the Nation, and so goes the world in which we live.”   

So what do we do? 

Many of you are thinking… well I come from broken, complex or incomplete homes. When facing these facts, we immediately turn off, because frankly it may mean that even, WE?... I… need to change. Don’t you dare let that belief lead you to destroy your importance. Life is designed for positive change and growth. If you believe that people can’t change… then you don’t know much about the brain. I know they can. I have seen it time and time again. The magnificent brain is designed to weave new connections of genius, and from those thoughts and actions come change, and hope… and a better us, and a better world. The fight begins within… and then spreads its tendrils of life. I believe in you. Believe in yourself. You are a child of the most magnificent being known to man. God will guide you down the path. Believe that even in a world where so much seems harsh, and hopeless, the power of one becomes the power of many. Start here, and give yourself to reestablish patterns of life... One family at a time.

*Research pulled from multiple chapters in the textbook Successful Marriages and Families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives.  
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